Mindfulness in Leadership

Breakthrough Growth at Work and in Life

The Right Reflection is pleased to introduce:

Mindfulness in Leadership Series 

An online workshop beginning January 22nd, 2019

Mindfulness – paying attention to the present in an accepting, nonjudgmental way. How does this help you in leadership?

Today’s workplace has time pressures, conflicts, deadlines, tight schedules, and technology. This can cause significant stress at work and in life. The Mindfulness in Leadership series will allow you to improve your focus, communicate more effectively, manage frustration, and avoid common workplace pitfalls.

Companies like Aetna, General Mills, Google and Nike have started offering Mindfulness at work because it has shown to reduce stress and provide a better corporate culture.

This 8 week, live online series addresses the most important elements of Mindfulness one-by-one, to give you the building blocks and practical applications needed to integrate the practice into your daily lives. The series is suitable for Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations and Individuals interested in exploring how to lead with excellence.


The series begins January 22nd at Noon CST and continues each week at the same time.

Can’t make one or more of the sessions? We’ve got you covered. All sessions are recorded and available to all registered participants throughout the course.

 SHRM Members – Take Note!

This program has been approved for 8 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for certification and recertification.

The Details

What & When:

Mindfulness in Leadership is an 8-week on-line course, 1 hour per week,  beginning Tuesday, January 22. 2019 at noon and continuing for 7 consecutive Tuesdays at noon.

Who is it for?

This series is ideally suited for both aspiring and experienced leaders who want to master practices that will dial down stress and increase fulfillment and productivity at work and in everyday life.

What is the Cost?

8 One-hour live online sessions: $250

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Who is the Facilitator?

Your facilitator is Pam Alfrey Hernandez, Founder and President of The Right Reflection, a nationally recognized firm specializing in leadership excellence and transformative change for organizations and individuals. Pam’s work is dynamic, customized, research-based, relatable and best of all, proven. She helps transform thinking to improve doing, giving people renewed courage and improved skills to live fully and accomplish more in today’s complex world. 

What Will I Learn?

Session 1 – Attention – January 22nd
In this session you will learn what mindfulness is (and is not) and the scientifically validated reasons why practicing mindfulness helps improve your effectiveness at work and your enjoyment of life. You will also become familiar with the two most important building blocks of mindfulness: attention and the present moment.

Session 2 – Automatism – January 29th
Automatism is defined as “something we do that we are not aware of.” Paying mindful attention to automatic reactions and routine patterns of thinking and behavior is a powerful way to decrease their negative effect. In this session you will experience the automatic nature of your thoughts which in turn automatically cause emotions to emerge.

Session 3 – Judgment – February 5th
In this session, you will become aware of how often and automatically our mind judges virtually everything, and how reality can become distorted as a result of our own unique “judgment lens.” Overcoming the problematic aspects of judgment is a key focus of this session.

Session 4 – Conflict / Acceptance – February 12th
Mindfulness is based on the principle that our automatic reaction to a negative or stressful experience (such as conflict) is often a greater problem that the experience itself. In this session you will learn to take an accepting stance towards experiences that might otherwise cause a negative reaction that delays or prevents resolution.

Session 5 – Goals / Future – February 19th
The default mode for many people is a “doing mode|” that is constantly focused on reaching present and future goals and the future. In this session, mindfulness is introduced as the key for finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future.

Session 6 – Self Compassion – February 26
Rather than a self-compassionate attitude, many people harbor an inner critic: an internal voice that criticizes the self. In this session, you will become acquainted with your inner critic and learn how practicing self-compassion through mindfulness can be life-changing.

Session 7 – The Ego – March 5th
This session clarifies the relationship between mindfulness and the self. You will also learn to take a step back from all kinds of thoughts and experience the difference between the self as a story and the self as an observer. This is among the most powerful benefits of mindfulness and is useful every day at home, at work, and in social settings

Session 8 – Integration – March 12th
By now, you and your fellow participants have learned about and practiced many essential key processes underlying mindfulness. This session focuses on the ways in which mindfulness can be integrated in daily life. The course will conclude with you. You creating a personal plan for sustainably incorporating mindfulness in your daily lives.

 SHRM Members – Take Note!

This program has been approved for 8 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for certification and recertification.